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GSM/ GPRS monitoring & control system

Product number: GTalarm2
71,00 €


MOQ 10pcs

Countless homeowners choose GTalarm2 Remote cabin monitoring & control system to warn them of these potential disasters, especially when they’re away:
•    Frozen pipes 
•    Leaking hot water heaters
•    Failed sump 
•    Condensate pumps 

It's the most cost-effective way to protect your remote cabin,  cottage, vacation home from power failures, temperature extremes, security breaches, and water damage.


  • Yachts, equipment vans, remote cabins, vacation homes.
  • Data collecting unit.
  • Temperature, humidity monitoring and control
  • Security system
  • Access control system
  • Sensor alarm and monitoring device.
  • Remotely monitor and control your facility, cottage, cabin or vacation home, 
  • Remotely monitor and control computer room, data center, greenhouse, water treatment plant, cold storage facilities, agri-business plant, wastewater facility, 
  • Remotely monitor and control HVAC, oil & gas plant, industrial and chemical plants, and more


Part1. GTalarm2 configuration. Smart home automation UPC: 99989897969062


Part2. GTalarm2 configuration. Smart home automation UPC: 99989897969062


  • The GTalarm2 module can now support up to 32 sensors for security and monitoring. Monitor high water in the bilge, low voltage, loss of shore power, temperatures in bait & food freezers, smoke, intrusion and so much more  
  • “Prevent the event” by programming a siren and flashing lights to go off when a sensor is triggered and get potential thieves off your boat immediately. 
  • When an event occurs, the GTalarm2 module will call/text up to eight phone numbers with status updates. Key button, RFID, iButton, short call control allows for easy arming/disarming. Remotely call in from mobile phone to check the system’s status, arm/disarm the system, control outputs (turn things on or off ). Your GTalarm2 module can make calls to you when certain codes are entered to disarm the system so you know exactly who is on your boat and when they arrive.


GSM modem Quad band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Sending of SMS messages +
Receiving calls and dialing +
Data download/ upload via GPRS network +
2-Wire fire zones 2
Outputs, 1.5A 4
Outputs, 20mA 2(6)
Output control via short call or sms +
Automation Sensors 32
Temperature sensors, programmable Thermostats 32
Humidity Sensors 3(32)
Burglar alarm zones 4+2(32)
Analog Inputs 0-10V 6
Analog Inputs 4-20mA ,0-20mA 2
Digital inputs  (Wiegand ,Dallas 1-wire) 3
Events log buffer 2048 events
Users remote controls with mob phone Up to 800
Users remote controls with iButton or RFID keycard Up to 800
To control with Wiegand keyboard Up to 800 user codes
SMS alarm numbers 8
Auto dial alarm numbers 8
Low voltage alarm +
Power supply voltage range 8 – 15 V
Remote configuration and Firmware update via Cloud Server +
Remote System monitoring via Cloud Server +
Communication SIA IP DC09 protocol
Wiegand RFID reader & Keypad +
iButton Reader +
iButton Keys 800
RFID  Proximity Cards ID, Keyfobs 800
Built-in-real-time clock backup battery +
Overall dimensions of the module 84x66x18 mm


Email: zivile@topkodas.lt

Cylinder control, monitoring, alarm system.

Temperature, humidity control, monitoring solution

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