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Remote cabin alarm system

Product number: GTC812
79,00 €


MOQ 10 pcs

You’ve probably heard the nightmare stories of local cabins getting burglarized or kayaks getting stolen from garages while the owners were away. Even in small towns, where nothing ever goes wrong, seasonal owners need to protect their place and belongings. So, while you may think your secluded cabin is secure, a little extra caution will never hurt. GTC812 will help you keep your lake home or cabin safe during the winter months or while you’re away. 
The module transfers messages on events of the security system to the mobile phone of a user via GSM communication channel. Upon alarm occur, the module will generate SMS message about alarmed sensors. Door, PIR, Fire etc. SMS message is being sent to a user in-line with a short call. This is to reduce the probability that a user will not observe SMS message. 


  • Individual protection of houses, garages, cottages, boat and other premises.
  • For remote monitoring and control of premises via GSM network.
  • Access control. Gate/door control.
  • Automation of premises, temperature and voltage control.
  • GSM thermostat for premises and heating systems.
  • GSM thermometer
  • Remote voice listening


GSM modem Quad band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Inputs for zones 7
Inputs for arm/disarm 1
Inputs for temperature sensor 1
Programmable thermostat 1
Dallas key iButton reader 400 users (iButton DS1990A – 64 Bit ID)
Users for short call control 400
On-board programmable outputs for remote control 4  (1.5A OC)
LED indicator 1
Users for events via SMS or DIAL short call 16
Interface for configuration USB
Microphone -
System connector type Terminal screw


  • Reception of information about state of each sensor, alarms, power supply voltage and GSM communication level in a form of SMS and DIAL short call. 
  • System control  (ARM/DISARM) and/or output control by using Maxim-Dallas iButton keys (iButton DS1990A - 64 bit id) 400 users
  • ARM/DISARM of the system via free short call and SMS channel.
  • STAY feature
  • Remote configuration via SMS messages.
  • Automatic device condition report through SMS every 24 hour interval
  • Free Configuration & Diagnostic Software

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